A few words from the critics:

“… John Bishop’s stunning lighting. The gloomy caves of Nibelheim glow in what can only be called black light, Donner’s thunderstorm is cataclysmic and the rainbow bridge to Valhalla a glorious spectrum of the richest colours.”

Norwegian National Opera’s Das Rheingold
David Self in The Stage

“…made one long for a barer stage and more of John Bishop’s atmospheric lighting.”

Norwegian National Opera’s Die Walküre
John Allison in The Times

“… the sets are animated by John Bishop’s virtuoso lighting plot, telling in its casting of facial shadow, spectacular in creating a portentously blood-red sky, or for that matter, a final conflagration.”

Norwegian National Opera’s Götterdämmerung
Barry Millington in The Times

“Altogether it was a stylish presentation. In some major opera-houses one would be glad to find the story illustrated by designs as effective as those of Bernard Culshaw; or as strikingly well-lit as these were by John Bishop.”

Royal College of Music’s The Rake’s Progress
Richard Fairman in The Financial Times

“I can pay this excellent performance of one of Britten’s masterpieces no higher compliment than this – I’d bet my bottom dollar the composer would have loved it….The stage was virtually bare, except for curtains and essential furniture, and gauzes and lighting created the atmosphere – an atmosphere far more suggestive, I thought, than anything conjured by Jonathan Miller’s venerable production for English National Opera.”

Broomhill Opera’s The Turn of the Screw
Rupert Christiansen in The Telegraph

“…with John Bishop’s excellent lighting the effects were extremely good, at times astonishing.”

Norwegian National Opera’s Der Fliegende Holländer
Knut Fossum in Opera

“John Bishop’s lighting gave dramatic effect to a production by Mike Ashman that had clarity and directness of purpose.”

Royal College of Music’s The Rake’s Progress
Noël Goodwin in Opera

“Een wezenlijke rol in deze betovering speellt het lichtontwerp van John Bishop, dat niet alleen voor sfeer zorgt, maar ook de handeling dramatisch ondersteunt. Het levert diverse prachtige plaatjes op, die nog lang op je netvlies blijven zitten.”

Opera Zuid’s Hänsel und Gretel
Jos Frusch in Limburgs Dagblad